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Author: Valya Online

16 pages

Available in hard copy and eBook.

Published in Muscat, Oman March, 2021

My dear friends,

I would like to invite you to an amazing and magical world of children's books. Fairy Tale is always with us and sometimes we even do not notice it. But it is here and teaches us to love life and dream. Make your wildest wishes and remember one thing: DREAMS ALWAYS COME TRUE!

Yours sincerely, Valya Online
A kind Fairy Tale about the girl Bella, her cheerful girlfriends Zhymzha and Dymcha, the magic violin and the emerald needle.
And how they ended up in the Crystal Castle and what came out of it...

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Author: Valya Online

24 pages

Available as eBook only

Dedicated to Dimaniyat Islands in Oman
Aquamarine Tale
Valya Online
Illustrated by author
An adventurous story about little turtle Willy and his Omani best friend Ali. The story is full of magic, scaring sea monsters and the beauty of misterious Princess.
Kind fairy tale teaching about strong friendship, loyalty and love to the  nature.

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Emerald Tale
Illustrated by author
Valya Online